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The Essential Travel Kit

All the Connoisseurs I've met are always on the go. Living life to the fullest. The most productive amongst us know how to multitask. So to do this you must prepare properly. From my twenty plus years of experience you must always keep the essential with you febreze, Ozioum, lotion, mouthwash, and facial wipes. For those that practice this, they already know. The others that have not figured this out, then this is Postgraduate studies. So, first off do not over do it; it's all about the subtle masking of overlapping smells, so as to not offend or tip anyone off.

I. Vehicle

A. Pre and post Spray (Febreze and Ozioum);

B. Use facial wipes inside your car on dashboard and other places that you typically wipe your (Use the same wipe you used on your face and hands).

II. Body

A. Facial wipes , face, arms, hands, fingernails, facial hair, behind ears, nostril;

B Lotion small amount, espicially on hands and underneath fingernails, face, neck;

B. Cologne one or two sprays (back of the neck and on the wrist palm side up;

C. Mouth was

For the frugal use the facile wipes first on your body, then use the same one to wipe down the car.

Major Key: You do not want to smell like you're fresh out of the shower, more like you've been out and about for a minute, but still are fresh.

The 52 fake out courtesy of Watershed Rolling Paper.

* Many Connoisseurs suggest having a stash of Blacks or cigarettes in your vehicle.

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