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Safe Travel Tips part 2

For me, smoking in the car is the greatest. Nothing like an early morning smoke with the windows cracked and the sun rising while you blaze add a small cup of coffee and I'm in heaven.

I roll up my Watershed inhale three to four times, and I am done for the Morning. I May hit the Watershed in the evening, most days I do not.

Make it a habit before you blaze to have done the following:

  • Visually inspect your vehicle make sure all your lights work properly,

  • Inspection and stickers current, and

  • Driver's license is RIGHT.

Now the car is ready. Next make sure you have your travel essentials in your car (see part 1). Have a few travel routes in mind that allows you to air the car out. Highways are my favorite, because it's generally straight, maintained, several lanes, and it is harder for police to run a presearch meaning running your plates. I will make a brief statement, for GP, drive like you have sense. Meaning do not freak yourself out. Being courtesy is fine and not rushing does not cause the police to follow you.

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