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Safe Travel:  Why I love coffee

I have run across two prevailing methods with connoisseurs who hotbox. One is keep your vehicle spotless, and have hidden secure locations. Others go with the busy car effect. Items are all over the place, so to confuse the casual or not so casual observer. Both work, it is a personal preference. Both methods do require regular cleaning.

I find that in life it is never one or the other, it is often the combination that works best. So, with that I use spotless confusion.

For instance I enjoy coffee.

Why not coffee? It has caffeine, we all love caffeine; it smells great; and it provides great cover. Yes cover. Me I am frugal. I brew my own coffee, well most of the time. I like Wawa when I do buy, because it has a great variety, I can self serve and the price is reasonable. I truly like Wawa for the disposable coffee cubs and lids. That are readily accessible.

I use the disposable coffee cups as a disposable ash tray. It is a great ashtray/spot for a half smoked papers, when u keep the lid on it. I use a second cup to pour a little coffee in and leave that in the cup holder beside it, so the car smells like coffee.

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