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Why I Love to Travel

This is why I love to travel, because you never know what will happen. Went to New Orleans for a family get away and ran into a JD from Florida who loved Classic Edition. It was a cool Friday night and me and the wife just wanted to hang out ans soak up as much of New Orleans as possible. I typically, like to arrive like on a Thursday and Stay till Tuesday, so we can an get a little of everything from taking a short road trip, seeing cultural spots near by, finding great local foods, checking on great live music and venues, and finding the connect, so being a flexible pre planner, I researched online to find out where to go in New Orleans.

My research led to an interview of Curen$y Spitta aka spitta andretti and he pointed me in the right direction, of how I should move. While we were checking out some places we ran into "JD" on Frenchman Street, in front of the Blue Nile. We were both walking in an I noticed he had a Watershed Skully, and decided to find out more at the band's intermission.

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